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Design Solutions is a Michigan Based Software Technology business, developing software solutions for a wide variety of businesses over 30+ years.

We specialize in custom information systems, designed specifically to meet the data management and processing needs of the individual client. While "off shelf software" can certainly be purchased, most business must invariably alter some practices to operate the software. Moreover, it is unlikely that "off the shelf" software will address those aspects of a business whose practices offer a unique competitive edge over other businesses in the same market.

Every system developed by Design Solutions has shown a life span of at least 5 years after initial construction. Some of our systems have been in use for more than 20 years (one for more than 30) and are still running today! (You would probably have to look to the US Govt to find software systems running that long).

While custom software development is normally billed at a lump sum for a projected length of time, this puts the client at risk of significant loss if they have to pony up the money before development is completed. On the other hand, the developer would incur the same risk if the client decided not to pay for what was developed.

Design Solutions addresses the risk to both sides with an approach that is novel and rare in the software industry, and can be summed up with our motto:

"If it doesn't work, you don't have to pay for it!"

The development approach we use might be considered organic in nature, in that we "grow" the system. Every business system has several distinct but related information requirements like Sales, Receivables, Payables, Inventory, Payroll, etc, which might be considered as "Sub-Systems". In today's information age and the absence of a custom information system, this is likely accomplished through a combination of canned applications, excel workbooks and manual procedures. While certainly workable, these systems typically suffer from redundant data entry, among other obvious problems.

Our systems are developed by identifying the the subsystems of interest to the client, and developing them in the order that will realize the greatest return on investment. Typically, this would start with the revenue generating part of the company and might constitute the "Sales" sub-system. This might be followed by the "Production" subsystem to meet the needs of the improved productivity gained from the "Sales" sub-system.

As each subsystem is developed, the client is involved on a continuous basis to review and affirm that development is proceeding as desired. At various points in development, deliverables are produced, approved and paid for. To further protect the client, a license to the project source code is included, with the complete source included with each deliverable. This approach minimized the risk to both the client and Design Solution.

We have experience in developing solutions for companies in the following industries: Insurance (Claim, Policy and Producer), Order Processing, Commercial Printing, Shipping, Tracking and Shipment Auditing, Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning, Facility Management, and many others.

We are confident we can develop a solution that is cost effective, profitable and reliable for you!

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